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2.5mm x 6mm Standard Heavy Duty Underground Cable

  • Two layers of UV resistant low density polyethylene
  • Outside diameter 6mm nominal
  • Resistant to cracking in severe frost conditions
  • Packaged in cable dispenser box

2.5mm x 8.3mm Extra Heavy Duty Underground Cable

  • All the features of 2.5mm Standard Heavy Duty Underground Cable
  • Thicker insulation layer around the 2.5mm core wire
  • Outside diameter 8.3mm nominal

4mm White Bayco Wire

  • High Density, High Visibility Fence Wire
  • 50 Metres Per Reel
  • Polymer Mono-Filament – contains no metal
  • 4.00mm diameter – 520kg Breaking strain
  • Used for vertical ladder wires on irrigation crossing points

Ally Clad Aluminium coated wire only

  • Aluminium coated 2.5mm mild steel wire
  • 3 times the conductivity of standard galvanised wire
  • Corrosion resistant for long life

Ally Clad Cable

  • 3 times the conductivity of standard galvanised wire
  • 8.3mm Extra HD double coated LDPE Polyethylene
  • U.V. resistant outer layer ensuring ultimate protection from the sun

Braided Wire – 500M White

  • UV Stabilized Electric Fence Wire
  • 8 Strand Braided, Stainless Steel, 0.25mm Diameter Wire
  • Resistance of 2250 OHM/Km
  • Quality NZ Made

Electric Fence Polywire – 200M

  • High Visibility
  • High Conductivity
  • Low Wind Resistance
  • U.V Stabilised
  • Wire Diameter 0.155mm

Electric Fence Polywire – 500M

  • UV stabilized electric fence wire
  • 9 strand, stainless steel
  • 0.155mm diameter wires
  • Resistance of 4200 OHM/Km
  • Low wind resistance
  • High visibility and strength
  • New Zealand Made

G3 Orchard Wire

  • Premium Quality Leader Wire
  • UV Stabilized Polymer coating
  • High Tensile Zinc-Aluminium coated 2.5mm inner wire
  • Provides vital abrasion wound protection for Kiwifruit vines
  • Minimum Breaking Load 620kg
  • Proudly NZ Made

Horse Sighter Wire – 300M

  • Galvanized 4mm Mild Steel Wire
  • Coated with white UV Stabilized LDPE
  • Ideal for fencing off horse paddocks
  • 300M Hank

Joule Power Twin Wire Underground Leadout Cable

  • Twin wires for greater electrical current carrying capacity.
  • Six times the conductivity of single 2.5mm galvanised wire.
  • Low resistance – Only 6.65 ohms per 1000M

Vine Tie -100M

  • 1.6mm Galvanized Core Wire
  • 6.0mm Black LDPE Coating
  • Ideal for tying around branches, vines etc